After an initial screening process, if it is found that your injury is clinical or more complex to treat I can refer you to the appropriate health professional and we will work as a team to get you the best result possible.

•    Lower Earley Osteopaths - An osteopathy clinic based in Lower Earley, we work very closely together and combine our skill sets to get the best results for our clients.

•    Manya Sports Therapist - a Sports Masseuse based in Wokingham, Manya has toured with the WTA as a Sports Therapists as well as run her own practice, highly skilled and highly qualified also as a biomechanics coach.

•    Kinesis Chiropractic - links with a Chiropractor based in Wokingham, Laura is highly qualified with a great deal of experience.


•    Ultimate Core Nutrition - links with Nutritonal Advisors, Hayley and Marcos are very experienced and work with a huge range of people from elite athletes to weight gain/loss clients.


•    If you are unsure about what service you require or who indeed to see about your injury, please fIll in the contact form and I will phone (or email if preferred), and we can discuss your injury and the potential pathways you can go down.

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