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Injury recovery and prevention

Biomechanics is the study of forces acting upon the human body. In more detail it is the study of human movement, the forces they create and how your body reacts and compensates to these movements.


A biomechanics coach will assess your joints, nerves and muscles observing how well they function. In common cases (approx. 60%), many joint injuries actually stem from the pelvis. With a misaligned pelvis you can develop a difference in leg length. In these cases your body changes its posture to maintain the central positioning of the head. These compensations will, in turn, cause some muscles and joints to over work and others to under work leading to muscle spasms, nerve tension and joint pain.


Ian is professional, warm and friendly. His screenings are thorough and clearly explained to make you feel at ease and understand what is being found. He tailor makes a programme specifically for you to balance and strengthen your body, helping you to finally understand the cause of the pain. He then shows you how to fix them with simple to follow exercises and fantastic results. Ian is easy to approach and discuss problems with along the way and always makes time for you.

Emma Milligan

Having suffered a persistent calf injury for many years and consulting various different professionals, working with Ian has finally allowed me to understand the cause and origin of my pain. As a cyclist, he designed me a program which not only helped prevent further injury, but improved my cycling technique and allowed me to train completely pain-free. I can always feel confident in the training he provides and feel as though I genuinely gain something from each session. I gladly recommend him for his knowledge, professionalism and the fact he is great guy.